All my favorite props, together for the first time - and a free month of Unlimited Membership with purchase!

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I've bundled together my 4 most essential props for home practice in partnership with OPTP, the makers of my favorite fitness tools!

The Ashley DeLeon Pilates Pack comes with an exclusive tote bag AND you get full month of Unlimited Membership FREE with your purchase.

the pro roller soft

My ideal foam roller - the soft density is perfect for myofascia release AND an intense stability challenge for your core

the soft gym overball

Soft, grippy texture and a 9-inch diameter make this the perfect way to access larger, more challenging ranges of motion, as well as get real-time feedback on your alignment

sanctband Resistive Band

Sometimes you want support, sometimes you want a challenge - this resistance band gives you both!

super pinky ball

the perfect little tool for self-massage, and a surprising way to correct and challenge your alignment.

ashley deleon pilates tote bag

A sturdy and chic way to store your pack (also a great option for your farmer's market or beach trip)!

So many ways to move!

The Pilates Pack is a great way to get even more out of your Unlimited Membership - there are a ton of props-based workouts waiting for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ashley DeLeon Pilates Pack?

The Ashley DeLeon Pilates Pack is a collection of four of my favorite practice accessories - the Pro-Roller Soft Foam Roller, Sanctband Resistive Band, Super Pinky Ball, and the Soft Gym Overball - packaged in an exclusive Ashley DeLeon Pilates tote.

I've been using these accessories both for my clients and in my own self-practice for years, in my studio and at home. I'm pretty picky about my props, so I can tell you with confidence that these are the absolute best!

Can I get the Pack if I'm outside the U.S.?


All orders are fulfilled by OPTP, and they ship worldwide.

Do I need a Pack for the Unlimited Membership?

You don't!

So much of the library is designed to work with nothing but your body and a mat (or just some space to move around!). I love using props for an extra challenge, support, and better feedback, but you don't need anything at all to build an incredible self practice.

That being said, props are so much fun! I've tried everything out there, and these truly are my favorite, and they really last! I've had all of these products for YEARS and they're still going strong - and I definitely can't say that about all the props I've bought.

So no, you don't need a pack for the Membership, but the pack is the most effective way to deepen and enhance your practice!

What is included in the Unlimited Membership?

The Membership includes unlimited access to the full library, all my programs, and all the weekly livestreams and replays. I curate a weekly workout program that updates every Monday, and you can sort videos by length, energy level, body part focus, or complexity level. All memberships begin with a 7-day free trial, and you can sign up for the monthly membership or annual membership here.

How do I use the Membership?

The membership is meant to support whatever you want your self-practice to look like. No matter how much time, energy, or experience you have, there’s a workout for you!

When you sign in, you'll be shown the full library. You can browse the categories, sort with filters, or follow a program. Live classes stream directly on the site every week, or you can catch the replay.

New videos show up in the Latest Workouts category automatically.

Any tips for self practice?

Self practice is all about discovery and intuition, so listen to your body as best you can. If something feels unsafe or uncomfortable for your body on any given day, skip it!

Explore the library and let the things that look interesting to you guide you. Your practice is for you, and it doesn’t need to follow any kind of trajectory or timeline. If you do want some structure, check out the weekly workout, or the guided programs categories.

How does Membership billing work?

All new memberships begin with a 7 day free trial. Your membership begins automatically after the trial, unless cancelled before the 7 day period is up.

Your first payment will be processed after your free trial ends. You can expect to see the charge on your credit card or PayPal account soon after making the purchase, no later than one day after purchase.

Monthly Memberships are billed every 30 days and Annual Memberships are billed every 365 days.

You can adjust your Membership type, payment method, and cancel your membership through your Dashboard. Just sign in, and go to the Dashboard item in the main menu. From there, click on the "Billing" tab, and you should be able to see your current payment method, your current Membership, and your next billing date. If you do want to change your membership or cancel, you'll find "Change Plan" and "Cancel Membership" buttons just below your "Active Membership" block.

Please note: There are no refunds for Memberships, but you will have access for the full length of your current billing cycle, no matter when you cancel.

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